Better late than never – why you should flood-proof your home?

When flood season comes, it pays to be prepared – literally. Recent research has shown that the average flood insurance claim comes in at an astonishing $40,000. If that isn’t covered in your home insurance policy, which it likely isn’t, you need to be prepared.

Flood Damage

If you live on the east coast, floods can be hard to avoid. The late summer months are damp and overhanging surface water can surge into flooding out of nowhere. Every year, news stories come out about Florida’s richest having their luxury properties completed engulfed by water.

Water Damage restoration in Hollywood
Water Damage restoration in Hollywood

Almost certainly, they’re not going to feel it as much as the common homeowner. That’s why we recommend that, if you live in a flood-prone area, you adapt your house to suit.

Due to the influx of flooding cases in recent years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released a guide detailing which materials should be used for each situation.

It’s an interesting read, as even materials you think are safe in flood conditions can present potential hazards. As an example, vinyl tiles function perfectly as a home surface, but won’t allow for water drainage at all. If you get some flood water on vinyl tiles, you better get a bucket, because that water’s not going anywhere.

Hollywood Restoration will fix your flooding

The guide we mentioned above details the following items that aren’t suitable in areas prone to flooding:

  • Materials that retain water once submerged
  • Floor or wall coverings that prevent the sufficient airing and drying of walls/floors
  • Water-soluble adhesives that aren’t resistant to water
  • Materials consisting of wood or paper that won’t retain their proper state once in water

Flood Damage restoration

At Hollywood Restoration, we frequently deal with homeowners who have fallen victim to sudden flooding. From the conversations we’ve shared with them, we know that there’s no greater emotional shock than watching as a home you’ve worked hard to build memories in is swallowed by water.

Admittedly, there’s little you can do to prevent a natural disaster flood, but if it’s caused by a leaking pipe in your dishwasher, it’s particularly hard to swallow.

Flood Damage Company
Flood Damage Company

FEMA produced their classification of unsuitable materials based on the fact that homes constructed using them will likely develop mold and fungi issues. In flooding, some materials can also absorb chemicals in the water and continue to release them long after the flood has passed. Additionally, flooding leaves the structural elements of your home prone to rotting and decay. With after-effects like this, it’s highly recommended that you call a specialist to deal with the situation.

Water restoration companies

An American home is so much more than wood, bricks and mortar. A home is built upon the memories created within its walls, so we sincerely hope that you haven’t and never will be a victim of flooding.

If you are so unfortunate to experience water damage in your home, Hollywood Restoration can help you get your life back on track. Our specialist technicians provide full surveys of your property and conduct thorough restorations at a flat rate.

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Water Damage company
Water Damage company

If you are in need of Water Damage Removal, Hollywood Restoration works 100% with your flood insurance company to remediate water damage, flood, mold & fire. 24/7 Serving Hollywood, Broward, Miami Dade and South Florida.