Fire Damage Restoration

With fire and smoke damage, most people assume the worst. The majority of property owners assume that even a complete demolition is necessary, removing all of their memories in the process.

However, in most cases, it’s not as bad as it seems. In cases where the fire department responded quickly, a large part of the damage might be down to smoke. While all of your property might not be salvageable, our trained technicians will be able to pinpoint the areas where complete restoration is possible.

What To Do Before the Fire Damage Restoration?

Our technicians do their best to get out to your site quickly to begin the process of restoring your home. While you’re waiting, you can start getting rid of the smoke by opening as many windows as possible. If the damage is serious, be careful not to use any electrical appliances such as fans. It also helps to move any items you want restored out of the home so that they can start drying out.

We understand that, for many, price can be any issue. For this reason, we’ll send out a technician to provide you with a quote free of charge.

Our Method For Restoring Fire Damage

Fire Damage company will Like hidden water damage, fire and smoke damage can linger in surprising places and is notoriously difficult to remove. While evaluating the damage, we remove all carpet and padding so that we can take a better look at the floor, framing and sub-floor to remove any lingering soot and dust.

Our technicians go over everything thoroughly to pinpoint all damage caused by the fire, smoke and water so that we can resolve any hidden issues that will affect your home later. Fire and smoke damage is a painful experience for any property owner, so we’ll make every effort to undergo restoration as soon as possible and remove lingering smoke smells.

Fire Restoration

Even if your home wasn’t completely engulfed by the fire, there’s an overhanging danger of continued structural damage. Even years after the incident, this can pose a serious threat. Click here to read about Soot removal!

Fire restoration companies

As part of our Fire Damage Restoration, our trained technicians remove and replace damaged infrastructure to prevent further deterioration and any unwelcome surprises in future. As part of our service, all walls will also be completely restored.

In addition to the main infrastructure, restoring your HVAC system is of paramount importance. Airborne contaminants such as soot and dust usually get into the HVAC during the fire, which can pose a health hazard if left unattended. Our technicians will completely clean your system and replace and faulty parts on-site, leaving you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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After restoration, our technicians carry out a thorough inspection to make sure no details were missed. If, for any reason, we did overlook something, get in touch with our customer support team. Available 24/7, we’ll send out a team to provide any additional service, free of charge.

The Bottom Line on Fire and Smoke Damage

When you've had a fire, the damage can be more widespread than you think even when you got lucky and the actual fire was limited to one or two rooms in your house. The smoke can spread throughout the house faster than the fire does and that's why most deaths in a house fire are caused by the smoke and not the fire. For that reason, you should make sure your smoke detectors are in good order, including replacing the battery every few months, so you're still around to begin the process of recovery after a fire. We'll send out our own technicians as soon as you give us a call so the damage doesn't have any chance to linger and repair the damage quickly so that you can spend less time in a motel before your house becomes livable again.