Water Removal and Extration

Water Removal and

Regardless of the cause, water damage constitutes the single greatest threat to a home or business structure.
Fire and Smoke

Fire and

Hollywood Restoration eradicates and helps prevent mold by utilizing state of the art machinery and technology.
Mold Remediation


At Hollywood Restoration we allways help residents and property owners pick up the pieces.
Contractor Services


If you have suffered from damage to your property, we will make your home or building look new again.

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Have you ever felt the effects of a natural disaster in your property? Despite what the weather channel might have you believe, the forces of nature can’t be predicted. In fact, they can often leave many home owners in difficult situations without warning.

Emergency commercial restoration

At Hollywood restoration, we know the importance of resolving Water Damage, Flood damage, Fire damage and this kind of issues immediately.
For over 40 years, we’ve been meeting property owners on some of the worst days of their lives and working hard to provide them with swift and permanent solutions.

Water Damage Restoration Company

Our extensive industry experience means that we know what you need. Unlike other quick-fix companies in the area, we take pride in the level of customer support we offer and provide you with a full 360-degree service.

Not only do we remove all signs of property damage, we also investigate the problem, finding the root cause to ensure it never happens again.

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