Stop Worrying About Mold: Water Damage Company in Pembroke Pines

Your home or business may suffer from mold damage even if you have not experienced flooding, a major leak in the roof, or a broken water pipe. Property owners are certainly more likely to call for professional help from a restoration company in Pembroke Pines if they have experienced a major disaster and are concerned about mold and water damage.

water damage company pembroke pines
water damage company pembroke pines

Mold Remediation

If you think that excess moisture is causing mold at your business or home, you would be wise to call Hollywood Restoration, a company that specializes in water damage in Pembroke Pines. Not only do we bring more than four decades of experience in helping property owners recover after a disaster, but we also use the latest techniques, and our experience in mold remediation helps you maintain your health and give you peace of mind.

Mold can cause serious health problems. Studies conducted in the past few years show that exposure to mold over a long period can severely affect your health, causing allergic reactions and even fungal infections or poisoning. If you have experienced flood damage in Pembroke Pines, you and your family members could be subject to mold problems. The same applies if you have mold at your business premises, which could adversely affect your employees. You can avoid this problem.

Unhealthy Water

Restoration company in Pembroke pines
Restoration company in Pembroke pines

Flooding and water damage can cause other health problems in addition to creating perfect conditions for mold growth. Floodwater that mixes with water from other sources, such as sewer lines, could result in serious infections and toxic responses in susceptible people. You can avoid many of these issues when you work with the leading water damage company in Pembroke Pines.

Water damage clean up

Call on the professionals at Hollywood Restoration for help in recovering from water damage, flooding, mold, mud, and fire. You’ll be glad that you did.

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