Water Removal and Extration

Water Removal and

Regardless of the cause, water damage constitutes the single greatest threat to a home or business structure.
Fire and Smoke

Fire and

Hollywood Restoration eradicates and helps prevent mold by utilizing state of the art machinery and technology.
Mold Remediation


At Hollywood Restoration we allways help residents and property owners pick up the pieces.
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If you have suffered from damage to your property, we will make your home or building look new again.

Water Damage Restoration in South Florida, Hollywood, Broward, Pompano beach and Fort Lauderdale.

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What We Do


Our drying out and repair process includes dehumidifiers, fans and industrial equipment that eliminates the moisture that feeds mold, mildew and the dangerous mycotoxins and spores they can release, thus eliminating the chance of mold growth.


Repairs can be costly simply because the damage lingered in hidden places in your home long enough to deteriorate. This causes significant damage to woodwork, leather, carpets, and can even affect furniture and fixtures in your home. We can work with your insurance company to keep out-of-pocket expenses down.


On top of the mold damage, the water itself can be a health hazard. Our repair technicians have solved problems caused by backed-up sewage that includes high levels of toxins.Most water-related toxicity levels can fall into three categories.

Water Damage Restoration Process

We go over your home from top to bottom to assess any areas that might have been affected by water damage. This damage can show up in surprising places, so we do not ignore any nooks and crannies that might be hiding water or mold deposits. During this stage, we also draw up a cost estimate free of charge.

We utilize our high-capacity water extractors to remove the water from the affected areas and begin the process of drying it out. We also make use of dehumidifiers and fans to draw out any remaining water.

To clean the areas on your floor that are not easily accessible, we remove all carpet and padding from your property. After excess water is removed, we begin the process of restoring your carpet and padding.

This might include artwork, furniture, draperies, important paperwork, and saved data stored on computers that were damaged by water. We dry these items out and try to restore them to their original state.

Even when the restoration looks complete, some water-borne bacteria and mold spores might still linger. We use tough antimicrobial and fungicidal solutions to permanently remove them.

Our restoration process is extremely thorough, but we like to double-check. After completion of the job, we ensure that there are no lingering water issues that could cause damage to your home in the future.

We understand the stress related to unexpected disasters, which is why we operate a free consultation service that you can trust and rely on.

As soon as you get in touch with our customer support team, they’ll discuss your issue and send the next available agent out to meet you.

No matter your project size, we can help you with Water Damage, Flood Damage, Fire Damage…

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