Water and Mold Damage

Despite its reputation as the ‘sunshine state’, Florida attracts a surprising amount of rain. As a result, Summer months are humid, often leading to mold growth.

Water, Flood and Mold Damage Cleanup

Unless you’re running a dehumidifier frequently, mold is tricky to prevent. What’s even more difficult is spotting it when it grows, as it can crop up almost anywhere. If it’s behind a wardrobe, it could already be out of control by the time you spot it.

Mold can grow silently in your home until you begin to notice the effects. Very often, a musty smell and discolored tiles or woodwork are the first warning signs that people actually notice.

A respiratory condition such as asthma that seems to get worse when you are at home may be a sign of spores that break off of a mold growth and become airborne. These spores are a typical sign of a dangerous mold and should be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

The difficulty of removing mold in your home comes from the fact that rectifying moldy infrastructure in your house is not as easy as throwing away moldy food. You could spray a fungicide on the moldy spots, but that doesn't remove all the spores or the root of the problem. Our technicians not only get rid of existing mold growth, but also take care of the moisture problem that causes mold growth in the first place.

We detect mold by testing the mold count in the air of various places in your home. We can even measure the toxicity levels of the mold that indicates the presence of dangerous mycotoxins. That gives us a better idea of what needs to be done to rectify the problem so that we can not only do a more complete job of removing the mold damage, but also give you a better cost estimate at the start.

Our technicians prefer to not leave anything to chance when it comes to dealing with mold. Repairing the mold damage often requires the removal of affected infrastructure such as tiles and woodwork. We also take steps to make sure the humidity does not encourage future mold growth

Mold can grow in places you wouldn't expect in a humid climate like Florida. A mold growth may even hide in your bedroom, damaging your respiratory system while you sleep. When you notice a mold problem, our technicians can efficiently rectify the issue to reduce damage to your health and your home's infrastructure.

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