Water is one of the most destructive forces on Earth, and can seriously damage any type of building. If you live in a flooding zone, it is very important that you get your place insured against water damage and flooding. Insurance can help you save a great deal of money on water damage restoration. The insurance company will provide coverage for the costs of the restoration work, and will contact the water damage company to flesh out the details and get the work done. However, you should know that there are several different types of water damage, and the repair work will vary accordingly.

Sewage Backup

high water-Water Damage south florida
high water-Water Damage south florida

Before starting repair work, the water damage restoration company will first analyze the water that has flooded your property. In some cases, the water might be clean, which means that it hasn’t been contaminated by the backup or sewer leakage. On the other hand, in case of sewer backups, the water might appear grey. The most dangerous type of water is actually murky black water, which includes a great deal of toxic materials and bacteria that can be a serious hazard.

Mold Damage

One of the most harmful effects of water damage is the growth of mold in the affected area. If the water is not properly dried by the water damage cleanup company, mold might start growing in the dark, damp corners of your property. Usually, mold grows in places that are hard to reach and clean up, such as small pockets in between the walls. If left untreated, mold can cause widespread damage to your property, and can even damage the foundation and the structural integrity of your place.

Emergency water removal

So, it is important that you call a damage restoration company immediately if you have experienced flooding or water damage.