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Hollywood Restoration is South Florida's water damage restoration company. Specializing in water damage restoration, mold removal fire damage.

Water Extraction

The water extraction step expels most of the water from your home or property. By playing out an exhaustive water extraction, Hollywood Restoration Franchise Professionals help lessen the drying time and help to anticipate form and optional water harm. They utilize capable pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to rapidly expel hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property. Continue reading Water Extraction

Water Extraction : Hurricane Irma Damage Repair

Hurricane Irma Damage Repair in Hollywood,Fort Lauderdale, Pompano beach, Broward and South Florida

Hurricane Irma Miami florida
Hurricane Irma Miami florida

Typhoons are a specific danger to any range, however particularly the Gulf Coast district from Texas to Florida. The Gulf Coast’s warm waters encourage the storm’s action and improvement. Additionally, the interesting mix of water, wind, and other nasty climate parts basically make ‘the ideal tempest.’ Annually, storms incur around $10 billion in harms in the United States, with quite a bit of that going along the U.S. Bay drift including Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Continue reading Water Extraction : Hurricane Irma Damage Repair

Water Damage Rebuilding

Emergency water removal

Water damage rebuilding is a standout amongst the most quickly developing and advancing businesses in the nation. What used to comprise of a temporary worker setting up a couple of fans in an overflowed storm cellar has now turned into a bonafide science, generally to a limited extent to the more noteworthy understanding we now have of the genuine negative wellbeing repercussions that can be caused by shape, mold, and microscopic organisms development, and the better advancements accessible to handle a water rebuilding work. Continue reading Water Damage Rebuilding